Sensational Snacks with Eggs - featured photo

By Carol Harrison, RD 

Eggs are one of the most versatile superfoods. Many Canadians—including me—eat eggs for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Their appeal is obvious: eggs are delicious and easy to prepare, and they’re a budget-friendly source of protein and other essential nutrients. With all of these benefits in mind, I can’t help but wonder: why don’t more people include eggs in snacks?  

Why eggs make great snacks 

Hard-cooked eggs are a simple snack that you can enjoy at home or on the go. When I’m asked about healthy snacks that satisfy hunger, eggs are one of my go to suggestions—hard-cooked eggs are a convenient and portable option that doesn’t compromise on nutrition. I’d pick an egg over a sugary protein bar any day!  

Here are more reasons to love eggs as snacks: 

  • Hard-cooked eggs with the shell on keep for a week in the fridge. Cook several eggs on the weekend and you’re set for the week. What a great time-saver! 
  • Both the egg white and egg yolk have health benefits. In fact, the yolk contains half of an egg’s protein and almost all of its vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.  
  • Eggs are always one of the best healthy buys at the grocery store— that’s especially important now, as we try to keep our food budgets in check.  
  • It’s easy to combine eggs with other healthy snacks, such as veggies, fruit, and nut butters—see the ideas below.  

What about cholesterol?  

Some people avoid or limit eggs in their diet because of outdated beliefs about how cholesterol in food affects cholesterol in the bloodstream.  Canadian health organizations including the Canadian Cardiovascular Society, Heart and Stroke Foundation, and Diabetes Canada don’t recommend that healthy adults limit egg consumption.  

7 easy snacks with eggs  

These snack ideas are delicious, satisfying and portable:  

1. Hard-cooked egg + grape tomatoes + cheese cubes  

2. Hard-cooked egg + whole-wheat pita wedges + hummus  

3. Hard-cooked egg + apple slices + peanut butter  

4. Hard-cooked egg + bell peppers + tzatziki  

5. Hard-cooked egg + leftover mini pancake + seed butter  

6. Hard-cooked egg + sugar snap peas + white bean dip  

7. Hard-cooked egg + mixed berries + walnuts  

No doubt, you and your clients can come up with other tasty and creative combinations! 

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Carol Harrison is a registered dietician who loves her daily workouts! She has a food nutrition communications company in Toronto. For more recipes, healthy hacks or article suggestions, connect with Carol on Instagram and Twitter @CarolHarrison.RD