The canfitpro Personal Training Specialist (PTS) program delivers the knowledge and skills you need for success.


Earn income while transforming lives.


Most Personal Trainers are inspired to help others. To make a difference in someone’s life. In addition to your desire to get people moving, you also need credentials.

Build the knowledge and skills required to be a Personal Training Specialist with education from renowned fitness experts and canfitpro’s team of PRO TRAINERS. canfitpro certification is accessible, affordable, and will accelerate your fitness career. As an industry leader, canfitpro has been serving fitness professionals in Canada for over 25 years.

Your certification journey includes independent learning and a course with a PRO TRAINER, in-person or virtually, to apply your knowledge and ensure that you are prepared for your career.

Personal Training, and a career in the fitness industry, is a rewarding career offering flexibility and the opportunity to work from anywhere!


Just like you tell yourself before every workout - you have to get started. So, go deeper and follow your calling. Through a combination of independent learning, virtual training, classes, and exams, you can start training individuals or small groups of clients. The Personal Training Specialist designation, from Canada’s most reputable fitness organization, will enable you to start a full-time career, or earn side income, as a Personal Training Specialist (PTS).

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canfitpro provides a variety of learning experiences including virtual or in-person courses with an expert PRO TRAINER.

Get started as soon as you purchase your certification package with the Personal Training Specialist (PTS) self-directed education.

There is money to be made as a Personal Trainer and the more you prepare for your certification, the faster you will find success. canfitpro will get you there.



View the upcoming course and exam schedule and find a course and exam that suit your schedule AND provide you enough time to complete the self-study component (20 hours).

Remember: you also need an adult CPR, from a live course, within the last twelve months, to become certified with canfitpro.


Your Learning Experience:
Self-directed Learning

You will receive your materials (course manual, eManual access, and online courses) shortly after registering.

Start your self-study by reading the course manual and completing the online course to start your certification journey.

Develop your theoretical knowledge and practical skills by applying your new knowledge to yourself.


Your Learning Experience:
PRO TRAINER directed Learning

Attend your In-Person or Virtual Course with your PRO TRAINER and apply your knowledge and learn a high performance skill-set through practical learning, expert advice, feedback, coaching, career and networking opportunities.


Your Exam Experience:
Theory Exam

A written exam that includes a 100 multiple choice and a case study to asses your knowledge of key concepts and theories.

80% is required to successfully complete the exam.


Your Exam Experience:
Practical Exam

Complete a periodized program and lead a client through a training session while gaining feedback from your PRO TRAINER.

You will be provided a client case study to program from based on the principles you have gained through the PTS program.

80% is required to successfully complete the exam.

Increase your knowledge and confidence to train clients.

Topics included in the Personal Training Specialist (PTS) program:

  • Aspects of fitness, wellness, and training principles
  • Nutrition and bioenergetics
  • Cardiorespiratory, skeletal, and muscular system anatomy and function
  • Flexibility, mobility, and fascia
  • Passive and dynamic assessments
  • Periodized program design and delivery
  • The business of personal training
  • Behaviour change and coaching principles
  • Motivational Interviewing and client relationship tools
  • Includes virtually and in-person concepts
  • Diversity, equity and inclusion components throughout to recognize, and create, a more inclusive training environment
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The canfitpro Personal Training Specialist course was a much needed step not only to improve my fitness career but to improve my personal life. I now make better choices daily mainly because this course has taught mes WHY they are good choices. I wish I had taken this course earlier! Thank you canfitpro team!

Luciana Peixoto

I had my Fitness Instructor Specialist certification for a while. I wanted to update my skill set with Personal Training but was afraid of the science, as I lack that background. My PRO TRAINER made it super fun and approachable! I am so glad I took the course! I am also impressed with the way he taught on ZOOM and used breakout rooms to keep our interest while learning! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Karina M.

I originally took the course for personal knowledge and gains, but taking this canfitpro PTS course ignited the passion in me to become a trainer for others.

Morgan Westlin

The professionalism and delivery of the canfitpro Personal Training Specialist Training was second to none. Having just completed the course, I feel not only ready to launch into personal training as a career but also proud to be a member of this organization.

Sarah Shaw

The Pro Trainer was excellent and the canfitpro course has given me all the knowledge and tools to become a qualified Personal Fitness Trainer. I feel confident and I am excited to share my knowledge with others and help them in their fitness journey!

Ann L.

The canfitpro PTS course was a welcoming environment and encouraged us to explore our passion for fitness and health. Michelle, our trainer, delivered the material in a manner which was applicable and motivating.  I feel empowered and excited to begin my canfitpro journey.

 Aaron Mendonça


Your certification package includes:

  • Review the material from the course manual via interactive activities to assess your knowledge in addition to chapter review questions and quizzes
  • Topics reviewed include:
    • Skeletal Anatomy
    • Muscular Anatomy
    • Bioenergetics
    • Cardiovascular
    • Flexibility
  • Apply the theoretical knowledge that you have learned to case study clients and create programs
  • Topics reviewed include:
    • Initial Assessment & Screening
    • Passive & Dynamic Assessments
    • Program Design
    • Session Delivery
    • Selling & the business of PT
  • Apply and practice the concepts that you have learned with an expert PRO TRAINER and get feedback on your skills
  • Hone your coaches eye and get the cues to successfully coach movement
  • Confidently create programs, design sessions, and choose assessments
  • Learn a consistent process to work with your clients and build your business
  • Communicate effectively with your clients to create trust and confidence in their programs
  • Practice creating a safe space for your clients to trust and buy-in to your services
  • Get personalized feedback to set you up for success in your exams and career
  • Get proven sales and consultation scripts, sample programs, and more!
  • Practice your skills as you prepare for your exams
  • 100 Multiple Choice questions and a case study to assess your knowledge.
  • 3-hour time limit
  • 80%+ required to pass
  • Feedback provided, by your PRO TRAINER, outlining both areas you did well and those to improve.
  • Your PRO TRAINER will provide you a case study and you will create a periodized program and lead a client through a session
  • Bring someone to the Practical Exam to be your ‘client’ and walk them through the session
  • 45 - 60 minutes session
  • 80%+ required to pass
  • Feedback provided, by your PRO TRAINER, outlining both areas you did well and those to improve
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Your Certified! 

  • Congratulations!  You are now a certified fitness professional with Canada’s largest certifying body! Helping millions of Canadians achieve their goals each year!
  • Take part in continuing education – webinars, online learning, or an event – to grow your knowledge and enhance your skills!
  • Network with other fitness professionals to learn more and grow your influence 

Stay Certified!

  • Each year, you require the items below to stay certified:
  • Earn four (4) Continuing Education Credits (CECs) each year
  • Renew your adult CPR each year
  • Maintain your canfitpro professional membership


We recommend you attempt the Theory Exam approximately 3 – 5 weeks after finishing the virtual or in-person course. This provides adequate time to prepare for the exam.

The Theory Exam:

  • Multiple choice questions
  • Written client case study

The Practical Exam:

  • An actual workout with a client, evaluated by your PRO TRAINER, either in-person or virtually
  • Assesses theoretical knowledge, rapport building, and practical application of fitness theory
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PRO TRAINER Delivered Learning

Best option for learning and career success!
Course Manual (print & electronic), Online Course (self-directed), PRO TRAINER led interactive course, Theory Exam, and Practical Exam



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Save with Early Registration

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Arrives within three (3) to four (4) business days


PRO TRAINER Delivered Learning

Best option for learning and career success!

Course Manual (print & electronic), Online Course (self-directed), PRO TRAINER led interactive course, Theory Exam, and Practical Exam

Regular Non-Member


Early Bird Non-Member*


Save 25% with Early Registration*

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Save with Membership

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Save with Early Registration

*Early Bird Rates apply to registrations received more than three (3) weeks prior to the scheduled start date of the event.
**The Non-Member Rates include a one-year canfitpro Professional membership.



No charge – may take up to 10 business days to arrive



No charge – may take up to 10 business days to arrive



A canfitpro certified Personal Training Specialist is qualified to:

  • Evaluate client needs in physical activity and nutrition based on the counseling foundations in the Personal Training Specialist program and provide the client with a safe and effective exercise plan based on their needs, abilities and goals
  • Assess, design and deliver individual and small group (up to 10 individuals) training program in a health club, home, workplace, or virtual setting
  • Confirm that clients have completed the Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q developed by Health Canada), and then provide an individualized training session to apparently healthy individuals who have no known major medical conditions
  • Monitor client resting and exercise heart rate and blood pressure regularly
  • Develop a client specific exercise plan within their level of ability and progress to more advanced training techniques with clients once the proper competency has been achieved
  • Modify all client exercise technique as needed to strive for optimal individual biomechanical effectiveness
  • Promote the benefits of regular physical activity and a balanced lifestyle using canfitpro’s Recommendations on Physical Activity, Nutrition, and Positive Mindset for Optimal Health
  • Provide general nutrition advice based on Canada’s Food Guide. Individuals who require more specific advice on diet and supplements must be referred to a qualified nutrition professional
  • Answer general questions for participants on injuries or discomforts related to exercise. All injuries must be diagnosed and treated by a qualified medical professional
  • Provide emergency care based on the participant needs (contact EMS, provide Emergency First Aid or CPR)

As a certified Personal Training Specialist (PTS), I agree to provide a safe and effective individual exercise program that provides appropriate exercise selection and intensity to meet the individual needs of each adult client.

As a certified Personal Training Specialist (PTS), I agree to respect my role, abide by the Code of Ethics, and work within my Standards of Practice at all times.

I recognize that failure to follow this Standards of Practice, or the canfitpro Code of Ethics, will result in immediate removal of my PTS certification designation.

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