Healthy Eating & Weight Loss Coach



For the majority of people, exercise alone is not enough to create lasting weight loss and health.

Knowing that rates of overweight and obesity are increasing across Canada, canfitpro has created the Healthy Eating & Weight Loss (HWL) Coach program. Choose to gain the certification and work with clients or learn simply to empower your own healthy choices.

The Healthy Eating & Weight Loss Coach program delivers information in a straightforward manner so you can confidently help clients make better choices; more often, lose weight, and lead healthier lives!

Nutrition information is constantly evolving and being able to decipher this information and apply it to fat loss strategies is essential for success. This program will allow you to understand healthy eating, the value of regular activity and ways to reduce body fat. This course will provide excellent strategies and tools for fitness professionals to help them educate others about how to build a healthier body.

Topics include:

  • The current epidemic of obesity
  • The science of nutrition (physiology, metabolism & digestion)
  • Macro and Micronutrients
  • Food intake practices to optimize fat loss
  • Psychology of fat loss and behavior modification
  • How to start the fat loss journey

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This education only option features all the education without the stress of an exam!

Online education, an eManual, and a live course with a PRO TRAINER will let you learn new skills that you can apply immediately to improve your own health!

HWL ToolKit

This turn-key approach was created to help you coach and empower your clients to obtain their goals.

You can NOW create healthy eating plans for your clients using the step by step session guide and tools to plan and coach your clients to success.

What is included in the HWL ToolKit:

  • My Healthy Eating Plan
  • Food Journal
  • Vegetable Checklist
  • Pyramid of Integrated Nutrition
  • Wheel of Integrated Nutrition
  • Healthy Eating & Weight Loss Balance Evaluation Form
  • Portion Control
  • Ingredient Awareness
  • How to Read & Understand Food Labels

And so much more!


canfitpro has developed an excellent resource for the Healthy Eating & Weight Loss Coach program. This combination of up to date information and practical experience delivered in this program provides material that is well rounded, comprehensive, yet easy to understand and apply.

A certified Healthy Eating & Weight Loss Coach provides:

  • Nutritional information
  • Fat loss education
  • A broad approach to well-being
  • Active living recommendations
  • Referrals to fitness and health care professionals
  • View the full Standards of Practice for details

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**The Non-Member Rates include a one-year canfitpro Professional membership.