Finding Balance with Rest and Recovery

Many people begin practicing Yoga for a chance to slow down and stretch out weary muscles. Through this, a connection between mind and body begins. As we slow down through breath and movement we begin to listen to the subtle whispers of the body. We begin to notice how our practice affects our daily life. How the ability to slip into mindfulness increases both on the mat and off.

Practicing Yoga is an act of self-care. For all of us in the fitness/yoga industry we need this time for ourselves. We are altruistic by nature. We give from our hearts, often (if not always) going above and beyond in helping our clients towards their goals. This is a beautiful thing. But while we give from our hearts, we must make sure we are continuing to fill ourselves back up so we have more to give. Practicing Yoga just for us (not teaching) is a wonderful act of compassion, a way to give back to us. To tune into our breath, to quiet our minds, to connect to the needs of our own body is both healing and necessary to maintain our energy in this business.

Though we might not be able to practice Yoga everyday, we can practice mindfulness or meditation. This week, take five minutes of quiet reflection between clients or classes to experience the power of self-care. I guarantee this will be inspiration enough to explore more ways to bring Yoga and/or Meditation to our daily routines for continued longevity and inspiration in this Fitness industry.

Lisa Greenbaum


Lisa Greenbaum E-RYT 500Director