We Are Unsinkable

The canfitpro 2020 Virtual Series launched with its first of four events on August 14 and 15, leaving an incredible and unforgettable mark in history. In these two days we saw close to 2,000 of our members come together to learn and grow! “The Power of Connection” could not have been a more appropriate theme as this event was a true testament to the strength and resiliency that resides within our fitness industry. We demonstrated that nothing can keep us apart – although we are physically distant, we can still find ways to connect and empower one another on so many levels. For those who showed up, engaged in and helped make something possible for everyone to learn, grow and transform in ways that went far beyond anything purely physical, I commend you. In those two days we appreciated the importance of belonging to something greater than ourselves and realizing the difference we can make as a fitness community. Furthermore, we realized that the power of connection is not only about coming together to see one another, but it is also about realizing and strengthening our convictions in our potential and ability to make meaningful contributions by investing in ourselves and our knowledge, skills and experiences as fitness professionals.

I saw so many examples of connection, engagement, energy and empowerment in those two days. The closing keynote “UNSINKABLE: Building Resilience and Courage in a Changing World” delivered by Silken Laumann could not have been a more fitting and compelling end to the event. Silken reminded us that we all have a story and nobody’s story is more important than the others. Contributing our story takes courage, but in doing so you are sharing an authentic part of you and brings immense value to your contribution. As we connect with each other through our stories we are reminded that we are all going through these challenging times together. This is a truly universal experience we are having and we need to connect with one another to get through it. It is the power of connection that will keep us resilient and make us unsinkable. Resilient people have deeper human relationships. I am incredibly inspired and deeply respect Silken’s latest initiative and contribution to Canada – a platform called “unsinkable” which is a story-sharing platform. This is a platform that resounds with the power of connection! To learn more about the unsinkable platform, their important mission and vision, read stories and support go to https://weareunsinkable.com/.

Recognition of ourselves and the contribution we and others make in our industry is important. Recognizing one another lifts us up and is an inspiring and an appropriate way to conclude the canfitpro event in August with the Fitness Professional of the Year awards at the closing ceremonies. Our winners this year were Tony Felgueiras – for Fitness Instructor Specialist – and Ruby Smith Diaz – for Personal Training Specialist. Both of these fitness professionals have incredible stories and they have made enormous contributions to improve the lives of Canadians. Tony’s contributions demonstrate the impact of creating powerful connections and how the foundation for this is built through your investment in relationships and connecting with others through your passion and purpose. Ruby’s contributions inspire us in how to confidently stand up and speak up for what you believe by contributing “You-niqueness” – what is unique to you – with how she is creating equal space and room for diversity and inclusiveness in our industry.

The power of connection is with us and surrounds all of us. We choose how we use our power that will make us stronger and resilient. How will you show-up and serve by using your unique gifts and talents as a fitness professional to serve and contribute as a leader in the different your roles in your life that make up your story?

-Mo Hagan
canfitpro Chief Operating Officer


Maureen is vice president of program innovation for canfitpro and GoodLife Fitness. Maureen or Mo, as she is known in the fitness industry, is a global fitness ambassador and has been recognized for her work in fitness that spans over three decades. She is a #1 best-selling author, member of the Board of Directors for Prescription to Get Active and a Reebok sponsored athlete.