woman doing workout with personal training

It’s easy to start a personal training business, but are you really putting yourself and the business out there? Are you fighting for every client? Rebecca Gray has built her business from scratch and is sharing the lessons she’s learned along the way. Personal training CAN be your primary job! Go get it!


1:00 – Rebecca’s fitness journey

1:30 – How you can define your ideal client

2:00 – Why you shouldn’t turn away clients

3:00 – Where to find clients

4:00 – The best way you can promote your business as a personal trainer

6:00 – The biggest difference between working for a gym and working for yourself

7:00 – The biggest surprise Rebecca had when she started her own business

8:00 – The biggest ongoing expenses you need to consider, including one hidden expense

10:00 – When you should make the switch to being a full-time personal trainer

11:00 – The surprising thing Rebecca wishes she knew when she started working for yourself

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Rebecca has been a certified personal trainer with canfitpro for over ten years. She has built her business twice, starting in Halifax and now in Ottawa! Rebecca is dedicated to helping her clients reach their full potential in all aspects of healthy living. Learn how to build any business through her unique take on client connection.