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By Mark Campbell

After my previous article about referrals, ‘Results Matter’, I’m excited to talk renewals, as it is one of my favourite topics. Results that are achieved on multi dimensional levels, allows a client to experience a greater sense of accomplishment. When they like what they are doing, they are learning that even if the number on the scale isn’t changing, they are gaining so many other benefits overall, and they want more. And that brings us to renewals.

There are two really big aspects of renewals that I want do discuss. The first is the when and the how to bring it up. The second aspect is the renewal of the mind and the energy of the trainer. That is huge and often overlooked!

When do you ask a client for renewal? The answer is…always! We motivate our clients by talking about how they are going to feel when they reach their goal(s), we are excited about how more effectively they will function, and the improvements they will see physically. Why not project ourselves (the trainers) as guides in the client’s future programs, in order to continue to help them as they change and grow? This is when we can use the ‘AS IF’ principle, inserting ourselves into those future pictures that we create with them. Talk ‘as if’ we are part of the plan. This will create an easy transition from session package to session package – leaving only the invitation and paperwork to complete the process.

Renewals are also a great indication that you are doing something right. Use them as a gauge, in some aspects, as to whether or not you are progressing the client at the right speed, and if you are providing value in each session. There is value and learning that occurs in every session, as well as motivation and inspiration. There is also new goal setting on an ongoing basis that all guide a person to see the value in your sessions together, leading them to want to reinvest with you. For example, if you buy a box of cereal and it’s the best box of cereal you have ever had, you will want to have another. This goes for any item, and also applies to trainers. By giving them a personalized experience each time, they’re going to want to keep working with you.

It’s also important for your clients to feel that they are valued by you as well. By showing them how much you enjoy the time with them makes for a harmonious session, and can even develop into mentorship. Renewals are really about inviting them to train with you and reminding them how much you enjoy the time with them. Invite them to renew their journey of health and wellness.

The next point is an important one, especially for those trainers who have become so proficient in their craft that training becomes really easy. I have been here myself, where I just knew what exercises to do, how hard to push them, and so on. But I became complacent in some ways, especially on long days. I would find myself bored, and the client would feel that I didn’t want to be in their session. What I learned is what we can do as trainers to combat this and provide focused attention on each client, and it’s so simple. Take three seconds to breathe in fresh air and breathe out the energy of your last session. This way you can come into that session as if it’s the only session you have done that day. You come in with a renewed sense of energy, clarity, and willingness to be your best self for you client. It’s a renewal of our minds as trainers, and this renewal allows the client to feel valued and part of our purpose, which in turn creates energy for them to run with.

Lastly, it’s about keeping focused on them, their goals, and staying in the present moment. We can show them we care by checking in with them at the beginning of each session, coaching them toward the positive parts of their day/week. This helps to nurture a more positive mindset, for the work out and life. What I’ve discovered 40,000 training sessions later, is that focusing in on things they haven’t done or what isn’t working yet, dramatically takes away from their overall results. Spend the effort on what

they are doing, the incremental changes that they have made, and the things we are doing, and will be doing, to get them closer to their goal(s).


Mark has logged over 40,000+ hours as a personal trainer, nutrition coach, and canfitpro PRO TRAINER. He has earned several awards for Participant’s Choice, PRO TRAINER of the Year, and was a finalist for the canfitpro 2017 Fitness Professional of the Year award. Having owned a successful PT business for over a decade, Mark credits his success to a combination of learning the “hard way” and an abundance of continuing education.