Safe and Effective Powerlifting With Chris Fudge

The rise in strength sports such as powerlifting has led to numerous benefits that include increases in strength both physically and mentally, reduce the rate of sarcopenia and prevent injuries long term. In this interview, Chris Fudge discusses what happens when an athlete gets too strong, too fast and the negative effects this can have on the body. He also explains safe power lifting progressions and why the focus of progression should not just be the weight.

In This Episode

4:50 – Why clients are getting injuries at the gym

6:00 – The biggest reasons people get hurt when it comes to strength training

7:00 – Most common injuries when it comes to power lifting

9:00 – Simple things trainers can do to reduce the chances of their clients getting injured

11:00 – The importance of personalization when it comes to strength training

12:00 – Are there one or two exercises that are more likely to cause injuries when strength training or any exercises people should stay away from?

16:00 – Things trainers should look out for when power lifting or strength training with their clients

17:00 – Advice to anyone applying for the 2020 Fitness Professional of the Year Award

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Chris Fudge is a results-based personal trainer and strength and conditioning coach who believes that success leaves clues. With almost fifteen years in the industry he has won multiple awards for personal training including Goodlife Fitness Personal Trainer of the year nation-wide multiple times. Chris is an active member of the Canadian Powerlifting Union community as a national referee, meet director, coach and advent lifter.

Chris is the only level 7 personal trainer with Goodlife Fitness located in Ottawa and is a passionate educator of fitness teaching certification courses for DTS Fitness Education. He has also been involved with facilitating education for Goodlife Fitness.