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Off The Grid offers a commercial spinning bike, made in Canada, that transforms wasted energy into electricity.

How does it work? It’s easy! Thanks to our patent-pending technology, the electricity is synchronized and distributed directly into the electrical grid of your gym. It is then used directly in the building, reducing energy consumption in real-time, without the need for batteries or any modifications. Simply plug the bike into a standard wall outlet (120V) and you’re good to go!

On average, an individual will produce about 150Wh during a one-hour workout. Enough to charge 15 cell phones. However, our bike can generate a maximum of 300Wh of energy.

The bike comes with a web application that allows the owners to have easy access to the data and maintenance planning. Our interface allows you to perform direct monitoring of the impact of our equipment on your day-to-day operations.

The OTG bike was designed and produced in Canada using the best material available. This ensures low maintenance on the product and easy access to spare parts. Because it is locally produced, the ecological footprint of our spinning bike is 75% lower than our competitors. It’s an easy way to go green and reduce your energy consumption!

Our clients include universities, gyms and some of the top brands in the world like Rio Tinto and Shell. See what our clients and distributors think about the OTG bike:

‘’Olympe will not hesitate to recommend this safe, high-performance and state-of-the-art spinning bike to its corporate clients.’’ Pierre Audet -Olympe fitness

‘’The training experience on the OTG bike is smooth and pleasant. It’s great to think that I can put energy back into the grid!’’ Renaud Beaudry – Econofitness

Insert the code ‘’canfitpro2022’’ in your preorder for a $400 discount*:

A member of our team will then gladly contact you!

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Off The Grid is an entire community of athletes of change! We’re all about working out for your well-being, for fun, and for the planet. Our mission is to provide the most eco-friendly spinning bike on the market.