Banded Posterior Single Arm Shoulder Press

As I sat down to write this, I was quickly reminded at how January and February have just flown by!  Spring is right around the corner and before you know it…the BEST fitness show (in my opinion) in North America, canfitpro 2019 Fitness Convention and Tradeshow, takes place.

I’m reminded of this for two reasons. One, registration is now open and two, I’m grateful to be presenting six workshops this year. Two for COREFX (, one for TriggerPoint Performance (, all sponsored by 360 Conditioning (, two for Myobuddy (, and last but definitely not least, one for EBFA-Evidence Based Fitness Academy (

This is my 12th year and it should be a MUST on your list if you’re a trainer or coach looking to be your best.

Nevertheless, I can’t tell you how often I get asked “Hey Coach, do you ever just do linear training and if so, why? Is there really a purpose if you’re more about movement training anyway?”

My answer is yes and my why is simple. It provides the stimulus to build and add lean muscle to your frame. It can be a great place to start with beginners. We know this assists in your metabolic rate, which helps to burn more calories, helps with posture, helps with muscular endurance, gives you confidence, makes you look better, and at the end of the day it’s not just about the linear movement, it’s what you can also do with them that matters most.

This brings us to the Movement of the Month – the SA 5 Step Progressive DB Lateral Raise.

This progressive lateral raise is a great example of taking a fairly fundamental exercise – doesn’t mean it’s not important – and by applying additional variables, progressing it to a more complex, multi -joint, multi-planar, dynamic transitional balancing exercise! That’s a lot of words!

It’s also a great way of showing movement and skill progressions to clients. They get to see how they go from simple to complex. How they go from static to dynamic. How they go from stable to unstable. How they go from lighter loads to heavier loads in all of the progressions.

Trainers and coaches, think about how valuable that is. Think about how it leads to renewals and referrals. As a trainer or coach, it shows your ability to be creative, but more importantly how you can have anyone you train adapt and grow. It shows changes, not just physical and mental, but mechanical. It shows them how they can move better as a unit in life or sport. Why is this important? Because the body moves and operates as a unit. We are not made of individual parts.

We have a saying in our industry:  “What wires together, fires together”.

So, by training the body this way it learns to move together in a more fluid, cohesive way which saves energy to make the workouts more intense and last longer.

I should also add that the SA 5 Step Progressive DB Lateral Raise improves inter-muscular and intra-muscular co-ordination, builds a solid CORE, creates better lateral awareness and strength, agility and explosive lateral power (this applies to progression #5).

Lastly, it’s also great for working on your deceleration skills which are important because as you walk, run, squat, sit, etc, muscles need to lengthen to slow down.  They need to be “eccentrically strong” so you don’t end up falling on your behind (this applies more to progressions #3- #5).

Exercise Execution:

Stand with a tall spine, looking straight ahead, feet about hip with apart, ¼ squat, CORE braced (think being punched in the tummy), shoulders in their “set position”, your right arm aligned with your torso, elbow bent at 90 degrees, holding the DB.

Begin by raising your arm in a controlled fashion (elbow still at 90 degrees) until your upper arm becomes parallel with the ground, take a momentary pause, then return to your starting position and repeat for the desired reps or time. Once you complete the right side repeat on the left side. For the full progressions watch the video.

Exercise Protocol:

Rep ranges from 6-15 and time ranges from 15-30 seconds depending on the goal.

Apply the exercise based on your client’s fitness level.  In other words, regress and progress as required.

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Coach Kennedy (Kennedy Lodato) is a 27-year veteran of the fitness industry with a thirst for knowledge and a passion for teaching and running his CK Mentorships, CK Private Coaching sessions, and Fitness Educator of LIVE education to the fitness industry.

Before pursuing the role of Fitness Educator, he occupied the positions of Personal Trainer, Sport Conditioning Coach, and Personal Training Manager. Kennedy is a three-time recipient of the canfitpro PRO TRAINER of the year award, co-founder of the CFEA (Canadian Fitness Education Alliance), and master instructor for various industry companies including canfitpro and EBFA Global (Evidence Based Fitness Academy). For more information visit