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By Coach Kennedy

Winter is part of being Canadian, so there’s no point in complaining about it, it’s coming no matter what. So, learn to flow with it. Afterall, the change is nice. It allows us to do different things which benefits your brain and your body -.the brain because learning and doing new things creates and improves it’s neurotransmitters, and your body because adaptation will happen and unless we change the stimulus then we’re just going through the motions.

So, with the outdoor weather becoming much too cold to exercise in we move back indoors and into some barbell training – which leads me to the this month’s movement –

The Reverse Lunge Contralateral Barbell Split Squat to a Standing Single Arm Chest Press!

This is an under-utilized movement, yet one that offers so many benefits. One big benefit is dynamic balance – remember that your center of gravity which is about an inch below your belly button is constantly changing because of your movement, improving that cross-body core strength – think right leg, left hand and vice-versa, helping to integrate lower and upper body, and body awareness. It also helps to work your endurance, strength, and power; it helps to teach the body how to coordinate all of these muscles to work together like the body was designed, and it’ll make you stand out as a trainer and coach!


Set your body in a split squat position, left leg in front, foot pointing forward, knee bent at 90 degrees while maintaining a tall spine. Your right leg extended behind, your knee just above the ground with the toes dorsiflexed. Take a hold of the barbell in your right hand and keep the arm extended. Begin by lowering your right arm until your triceps become approximately parallel with your back, just like you would do if you were in a supine position doing a dumbbell chest press, then as you begin to press forward simultaneously begin to stand up. Perform for the suggested protocol and then repeat on the other side. See the attached video as Coach Naval takes us through the movement.  Coach Ryan Naval is our head trainer at HQ Consulting (@coach.naval).


This movement can be performed for time or reps. If time is your choice, begin with approximately 30 seconds per side.  If reps are your choice, they can vary depending on the outcome. Perform higher reps for endurance (12-20) and lower reps (8-12) for strength.

ALWAYS regress and progress as needed. Not sure how?  Find me at:


Coach Kennedy (Kennedy Lodato) is a 28-year advocate of health and a 14-year veteran of the fitness industry with a thirst for knowledge and a passion for teaching and running his Coach Kennedy Mentorships, private coaching, program design, and assessment courses, foot workshops, and so much more! Coach Kennedy is also a Fitness Educator of LIVE education to the fitness industry, teaching for canfitpro, and EBFA- Evidence Based Fitness Academy (

Before pursuing his true felt passion for mentoring trainers and coaches, he occupied the positions of Personal Trainer, Sport Conditioning Coach, and Personal Training Manager.  He is a three-time recipient of the canfitpro PRO TRAINER of the Year award, as well as the 2019 Canadian Delegates’ Choice Presenter of the Year Award.

Coach Kennedy is Managing Director of LIVE Education for HQ Consulting, an education training facility that he recently co-established. For more information visit or