self-manage their condition.

WillKin is a company created for Kinesiologists, by Kinesiologists, inspiring them to stick with their beloved profession. And connect them to clients.

We understand Kinesiologists have a vital role to play in improving the lives of patients with chronic illness. As part of the broader medical community, Kinesiologists demonstrate daily their value and the positive impact of exercise, movement, education, and behavioral change on the day-to-day lives of their clients.

Three in five Canadian adults over 20 years old suffer from a chronic health condition, ranging from back pain to Cancer. There are millions that need our help.

We are beginning to see a change in mindset within the health care community. They now recognize the value of exercise professionals in helping their patients change their behavior, live a more healthy life, and better manage their chronic condition. However, there is still much work to be done in bridging this gap between healthcare and fitness.

Kinesiologists, where are our referrals? How many of you are working in a non-exercise related role, for an insurance provider, or still earning minimum wage? Are you fighting for a voice?

Change starts by ensuring that we follow programs that are science-based and thoughtful; that are written and endorsed by experts; that are progressive and lead to lasting behaviour change; that ultimately enables your clients to self-manage their condition.

We always need to be abreast of the latest scientific evidence and remember the principles of exercise physiology. We need to understand healthcare – its structure, the language, and the terminology. We need to be able to communicate to healthcare professionals, to those that run health related associations… and to patients.

We need to understand the importance of finding intrinsic motivation for long-lasting behaviour change. It’s time to get confident in our ability. Be sure of our place at the table.

During this pandemic, many clients are unable to attend their normal activities. This coupled with healthcare professionals and patients becoming more open to seek and receive services online / remotely means we need to pivot, adapt, and reach out!

At WillKin, we believe you are not defined by what you can do today. Our purpose is to improve our patients’ lives and enhance the value, impact and visibility of Kinesiologists across the medical community.


We are building our community of Kinesiologists, healthcare partners, digital experts, and entrepreneurs – a network that will allow us to truly amplify the impact of kinesiology.

We have just launched our website. Take a look. Join us.

If you are interested in being a part of the future of kinesiology and want to lend your voice to the movement, you can start by signing up on our website.

We would love to hear from you.


Becky Zucco (RCEP) is a Clinical Exercise physiologist, specializing in COPD and Cancer, with over 25 years in her field. She is the Interim Executive Director of Respiplus, along with being founder-director of WillKin. She has written and developed many educational courses on chronic disease prevention, which combine exercise, education and behaviour change tools to ensure best outcome for all WillKin’s clients.

Becky understands the powerful effect of movement on the body and mind, and how human behaviour can be influenced to achieve significant improvement in health.