StickXFit class

A new unique workout recently achieved global recognition for maximum CECs, PDPs and CDPs in multiple countries including Australia (Fitness Australia, FitRec and Physical Activity Australia), New Zealand (REPs) and the USA (ACE, NASM and AAFA) which is now available to CanFitPro members and delegates.

StickFit® is an evidence-based, whole-body training exercise system of layered, integrated activities and techniques, in an aerobically sustained, mixed, multi-modality, cardio-based format. It’s a holistic, full-body, integrated workout, connecting the brain and body via challenging hand-eye coordination skills and drills, using double rattan sticks. This neural-targeted workout design, along with the use of the sticks, including tactile partner and group interaction is what makes the StickFit program truly unique.

“Inspired by Filipino Martial Arts (FMA), StickFit is an aggregate of my diverse worldly education,” explains founder Andy Elliott. “My fascination with sticks started as a young child, combined with my extensive instructor experiences working in gyms and propagating Filipino Martial Arts and Combat worldwide over 40 years”

“The StickFit drills and skills implement cognitive values and has restored the ‘fun’ in functional training,” adds Chief Executive Officer, Eugene Downing. Linda Shelton (USA) a fitness industry icon, StickFit’s chief program writer, and Chief Visionary Officer says, “The proprietary StickXfit methodology is the future of contemporary exercise protocols, which targets training the brain as well as the body to enhance both getting more physically strong and brain healthy.”

The glue for StickFit that brought this amazing team together from opposite sides of the world was leading fitness entrepreneur Deborah Goldberg (who introduced Zumba to Australia & NZ), also was responsible for introducing Andy, Linda & Eugene together as she also had a vision of what our future holds.

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What Makes StickFit so unique?

• Uses Filipino rattan sticks, based on indigenous, cultural Filipino martial art form they are known for.

• Integrated multi-modality training, using the sticks for the entirety of the class, from warmup through to cool down and all phases of movement skills.

• Simultaneous tactile partner and group strike interaction; at the same time, applying offensive and defensive moves.

• Creates identifiable patterns of the 4 quadrants from the angles and sounds of the sticks.

• Connects various metronome speeds to synchronize the timing of partner stick drills.

• Uses peripheral vision effectively as a training mechanism, when interacting with a partner, as you won’t have the time to always look at the sticks for every action. The eyes will focus on a central point to have a more comprehensive vision.

• StickFit does not rely on 3rd party fitness music providers. All music used in StickFit programs are owned and produced by StickFit to support their instructors.

• StickFit has developed the S.T.I.C App which is available to all StickFit licensees in which all proprietary education, music playlists and new class releases are stored to further support the StickFit instructor.

To see StickFit in action watch the below video: CQMzKAp4bylHFLRrRKkHqFjw

Andy Elliott is the Founder of StickFit®️, an internationally renowned Hall of Fame, Filipino Martial Arts Grandmaster and Combat Instructor having taught in over 30 countries. He is a mentor and educator to specialists.

His academic qualifications include Diplomas of Sports Coaching and Sports Development, Certification in Applied Neuroscience & Brain Health and NLP.

A lifetime of sports, fitness and martial arts, Andy’s association with gyms started in 1976, where he first commenced his instructor career in the early 1980’s. 

Andy’s global vision is to introduce the enormous cognitive values of the Filipino sticks, witnessed over his decades of teaching.