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Providing fitness experience online isn’t for everyone, and some fitness professionals have hit a virtual wall. Many of us who chose to continue to serve our clients and participants thanks to virtual fitness offers invested time and money in setting ourselves up with the technology required to for quality AV. We provided great personal training sessions and fun fitness classes during a time when our clients needed us most.

And now, 18 months later, we may very well be running out of steam and wondering if it’s still worth our while as the gyms and studios have reopened. The answer is a loud and proud YES! Here’s why:

  1. Habit-Forming Accessibility: surveys and gym membership data both support the fact that virtual fitness is here to stay. The duration of the closures and the quality of our offers were enough for our clients to form the habit of utilizing virtual fitness. It doesn’t mean they aren’t incredibly happy to be back to a bricks and mortar fitness club, but it means the convenience of going from home-to-workout in 90 seconds flat will remain a valuable option.

With “lack of time” being one of the biggest obstacles to regular fitness routines most will likely fall into a combined approach to our workouts including virtual fitness, outdoor workouts, and going to the gym.

  • The Comfort of Familiarity: before March 2020 online fitness consisted mostly of celebrity workouts or offers from Instagram fitness influencers, but now we’ve stepped into the virtual world offering an array of fitness and wellness programs. We worked through the challenges with technology and used our incredible resourcefulness to create sustainable health and fitness options virtually.
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This meant that our clients were able to see, and I dare say feel, the familiar face of the coach and brand that knows their needs and goal, their aches and pains, their likes and dislikes. We were able to provide some comfort during a time when everything felt different and everyday brought a new challenge to face.

Virtual fitness is no longer associated only with “big names” but now part of what many qualified fit pros and businesses offer.

How do we re-engage ourselves to online fitness?

It’s not about set and reps or choreography patterns on virtual; your clients are craving a more holistic experience that goes beyond the workout.

  1. Create opportunities for comfort and success: go from training or teaching to COACHING and ensure they leave their workouts feeling like they’ve connected with you and the best of themselves.
  2. Work on the soft skills that lead to solid results: allow for transition time at the start and finish, utilize the power of silence to help them kinesthetically, ask powerful questions that allow them to improve the sensations and quality of their movement, etc.  

I’ve had the pleasure and privilege to shift 100% of my business to virtual and continue to thrive in this medium thanks to never making my clients feel like they were getting a lesser experience online. You can too as well as enjoy it to its fullest!

Virtual Fitness Setup

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Nathalie Lacombe, M, Sc. blends her 25 years of international fitness experience with her degrees in psychology and exercise science to passionately connect with fitness professionals.

Nathalie dedicates herself to coaching fitness professional and leaders towards incredible success in their careers and businesses.

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Mover, shaker, and joie de vivre giver! Blending 25 years of international experience with degrees in psychology and exercise science, Nathalie passionately shares her inspirational insights. She uses her uniquely vibrant leadership style to make profound and lasting change with her teams, clients, and audiences.