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Maureen Hagan

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Maureen (Mo) Hagan is COO at canfitpro. Mo is a global fitness ambassador and has been recognized for her work in fitness that spans over three decades. She is a Canadian Top 100 Fitness Influencer most recently recognized by Optimyz Magazine as one of Canada’s Top 10 Power Women, IHRSA’s 2016 Woman Leader of the Year, a #1 best-selling author, a national Board of Director member for Prescription To Get Active, an Ambassador for Mobility Tape and a Reebok sponsored athlete.

Michael ONeil

Michael O’Neil

Director, Operations

Michael O’Neil is the Operations Director at canfitpro, responsible for managing AP & AR, audits, budget, and year end. Since joining canfitpro, Michael has focused on making fitness and mental health a part his personal wellness; through golf, running and the occasional MOGA Friday.

Robert Robinson

Robert Robinson

Director, Business Growth

Robert Robinson is the Business Growth Director at canfitpro and a certified Personal Training Specialist for over 7 years. He led the revision of the current edition of canfitpro’s Personal Training Specialist program and now oversees the B2B Team. Robert is an experienced sales professional with over 15 years in the financial and fitness industry.

Amritha Shrikumar

Amritha Shrikumar

Manager, People and Culture

Amritha Shrikumar is the Manager of People and Culture, responsible for overseeing the People function at canfitpro. This encompasses recruiting, learning & development, internal communications, culture and developing HR strategies and initiatives that align with the business strategy at canfitpro. Amritha is a seasoned HR professional and is extremely passionate about building a team and culture that is based on teamwork, mutual respect, transparency and compassion. She believes deeply in the symbiotic relationship between caring for the business and caring for the people. canfitpro is a people driven business and we are proud of the amazing team we have built so far! Amritha is also a certified yoga instructor and is dedicated to exploring the connection between mind, body and spirit.

Barb Pontes

Barb Pontes

Manager, Certification

Barb Pontes is the Certification Manager at canfitpro who develops, manages and oversees fitness education, curriculum, certification programs, and products. Barb’s strong experience in the fitness industry (personal trainer, fitness instructor, sport coach) informs her strategy, leadership, and support to create opportunities, education, and certification, for fitness professionals. Particularly successful is the canfitpro PRO TRAINER community. Recognizing that change is constant, reflected in the continually evolution of the industry, led her to champion and innovate the online learning system for canfitpro to provide access to educational offerings. Looking ahead she is excited to see opportunities expand for fitness professionals as the importance of physical and mental health takes center stage and professionals embrace the virtual world to provide their services.

Michael Best

Michael Best

Manager, Information Technology

With over a decade of leading technology strategy, professionals and projects, Michael brings his experience and standard of excellence to every aspect of his role. Michael oversees the operation of a healthy and secure information technology environment at canfitpro. He believes that fitness and wellness are core components of a healthy lifestyle.


Nicole Delorme

Manager, Events and Event Experience

A passionate team player, Nicole has over 6 years of experience in marketing, sales, and event planning. She excels in creating experiential experiences to drive consumer connection and brand authority. Nicole is a certified Personal Training Specialist with canfitpro and her three favourite things include strength training, reading and going on hikes with her golden retriever, Budweiser.

Fatima Sunga

Fatima Sunga

Manager, Member Experience Team

Fatima Sunga is the Manager of our Member Experience Team. She has been a part of our Member Experience Team since 2016 and has progressively grown from an Advisor to now Manager. She is responsible for creating strategic planning surrounding memberships, member value and customer service. She strongly believes that with her vision, determination and guidance, the team will succeed in building an environment where canfitpro, and our members feel welcomed and excited to continue their journey in the Fitness Industry.

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