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Personal Training Track

Personal Training

Developed specifically for all levels of personal trainers, with topics like Personal Training Design, Training the Strength Curve, Body Positivity & Inclusivity Training and Mobility.  The Personal Training Track provides everything you need to know to be at the top of your game.  Personal Training is one of the ever-changing and evolving areas within the fitness industry. Personal trainers need to stay on the leading edge of learning to maintain credibility and competence.  Personal training is here to stay, so stay informed! 

Group Fitness Track

Group Fitness

Group Fitness leads the trends in the fitness industry today.  Whether pre-choreographed classes are your jam or you’re all about freestyle, check out these theoretical and practical sessions to take your group fitness choreography and class formats, style and coaching to the next level! Pack your classes and create incredible and inclusive fitness experiences, both virtually and in-person! 

Active Aging Track

Active Aging

In 2021, health is no longer an option but a personal commitment as our world has changed. The active aging population has exploded with this sentiment where 1 in 5 people are over the age of 65. Attend sessions that address special consideration for age-appropriate nutrition, mobility, inclusion that will allow you and your clients to be young at heart at any age!

Business Success Track

Business Success

canfitpro Business Success is Canada’s largest Fitness Industry Business Conference & Tradeshow. Here, Owners, Operators, Leaders & Coaches can level up and build upon best practices in business, leadership, management, marketing, sales and technology for fitness clubs, training studios and boutiques.   This 2-day event features 2 keynote addresses, 16 business focused lectures, 9 panel presentations with leading experts from around the globe including leadership, coaching, mental health and wellness workshops.   This event is the second installment of canfitpro’s 2021 online Business Series, sponsored by NPE

Mind-Body Wellness track

Mind-Body Wellness

The mind-body wellness field and its diversity of programming options continue to grow exponentially. Expand your expertise and offerings with cutting-edge education in the multiple subject areas of Mind-Body, mental health and wellness. Equip yourself to deliver new techniques and improved results for your classes, clients, and your own personal practice. 

Nutrition Track


Learn from Nutrition experts about the latest nutrition research, programs and strategies to help yourself and your clients. These sessions will delve into the physiological effects of food, supplements, performance enhancement, stress and eating behaviour. Arm yourself with sound science, proven strategies and effective advice that will help you stand out confidently in a market that demands the most up to date nutrition knowledge.

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