Certification FAQ

No, the course is an educational tool to assist you in completing the examination procedure successfully. If you feel your current level of education and skill is sufficient, then you can proceed directly to the exam by registering for an exam challenge package. There is a practical as well as theoretical (written) portion to the PTS and FIS exams. The exam challenge package will include the supporting resources (manual and/or study guide and/or online resource/course) to ensure you are able to adequately prepare yourself for your exam.

No, we frequently have club members and other fitness enthusiasts take the course for general interest.

Simple, just ask yourself: do I want to work one on one with individuals or in a group setting? The PTS certification will prepare you to work with clients on an individual or small group basis. PTS certified individuals are qualified to evaluate, design, and monitor individual and small group training programs in a health club, home, and workplace setting. The FIS certification will prepare you to lead large groups and teach safe and effective exercise classes. The FIS certification includes leadership, motivation, practical training (movement patterns, cueing, musicality, and choreography), and class design to help you become a world-class group exercise instructor.

Yes, however, it is not recommended. In order to obtain the best possible results from your courses and exams, we suggest completing one designation at a time. This will allow you to dedicate your time and efforts to learning, studying and applying your knowledge before switching to another focus.

You can register online or by calling us at 1-800-667-5622.

Your PRO TRAINER will contact you within two (2) weeks of your exam completion with your results.

No, membership is open to anyone who is interested in staying up-to-date on happenings in the Canadian fitness industry. To become certified, you must join canfitpro and keep your membership up-to-date annually.

canfitpro offers a variety of package and individual options for you to choose from. Certifications are priced individually, visit the Fees page associated with the certification to view a breakdown. canfitpro recommends completing the full certification including the course, exams, manual and study guides to ensure optimal success. Choose the options that will help you pass the exam! Talk to your PRO TRAINER or our Customer Relations Team (info@canfitpro.com or 1-800-667-5622) if you are unsure what option to choose.

One phone call to us gets you registered for the course, exam and materials. We don’t need to send you to other course providers or organizations because we provide total service to you from start to finish.

At canfitpro we know that fitness professionals need up to date information on exercise science and design. We have a mandate of updating our certification resources every two (2) years to ensure that you receive the most relevant information possible with regards to your certification process.

Compare our membership dues to the others! It is a great value, saving you at least $100 off the Toronto Conference registration fee (regular rate) and gives you a subscription to canfitproMagazine that you’ll receive six (6) times a year! Click here to see all the benefits of membership.

Once you are certified with us, you pay no further certification fees. Just keep your membership up-to-date! Earn CECs at our annual conference or at a local canfitpro approved workshop. You must obtain a minimum of 4.0 CEC’s per year per certification that you hold.

We are committed to helping you remain certified:

  • If you miss your recertification date and are within one (1) month of your expiration date and we will allow you to submit all of your requirements within that month. You will be charged a $20 (plus applicable taxes) fee.
  • If you’ve missed your recertification by more than one (1) month and before one (1) year, you are able to reinstate your certification by completing a Practical Exam with a PRO TRAINER (live assessment of your knowledge and skills put into practice) and maintain your original certification date. Membership and CPR must be up to date before a new certificate will be issued. A fee of $99 (+ applicable tax) will be required.
  • If you have been expired for more than one (1) year you will be required to complete both the theory and practical exams again, your certification date will be adjusted to reflect the new date.

Please note extension fees and reinstatement fees are non-refundable.

Your certification is recognized nationally and internationally. You will not need to pay “transfer fees” if you move between provinces.

Basic Adult CPR certification obtained during a live course is required to become certified. CPR is valid up to one (1) year from the date it was originally issued. CPR recertification must be completed annually to renew your certification(s).

Due to the high-risk nature of our industry, it is extremely important to renew your CPR & AED skills annually so that you can respond confidently in an emergency. canfitpro strives to meet or exceed industry standards on a national and international level and requiring that CPR and other skills be updated annually ensures that we are able to do this.

To make a change we require a minimum of five (5) days written notice via email at info@canfitpro.com and an administration fee of 15% (plus applicable taxes) of the total course and/or exam fee (excluding canfitpro membership and all course materials) will be charged. If it is less than five (5) days notice we cannot take you out of the course or exam. Changes made more than 60 days in advance of the course or exam will not be charged an administration fee.

To make any change we require a minimum of five (5) days written notice via email to info@canfitpro.com and an administration fee of 15% (plus applicable taxes) of the total course or exam fee (excluding canfitpro membership and all course materials) will be charged. If it is less than five (5) days notice we cannot take you out of the course/exam. Changes made more than 60 days in advance of the course or exam will not be charged an administration fee.

canfitpro reserves the right to cancel a previously scheduled course or exam if minimal participation requirements are not met. Your PRO TRAINER will contact you should a course or exam be cancelled. We strongly advise you to confirm the status of your course or exam with your PRO TRAINER prior to attending. In the event that a course or exam is cancelled by the PRO TRAINER, canfitpro will work with you to reschedule your course or exam. In the event that we are unable to reschedule, participants may be eligible for a refund of course or exam fees, and membership (only within 30 days of purchase). Course materials are non-refundable.

Regular shipping will take 10 business days. Express shipping is available at an additional cost and will take three (3) to four (4) business days.

No. All course materials (manuals, study guides, online courses) are non-refundable.

We recommend you give yourself approximately three (3) weeks to prepare for your exam.

You have one (1) year to complete your theory exam after you have completed your certification course. After you have successfully completed your theory exam, you have six (6) months from that date to complete your practical exam. Missing either of these deadlines may result in you needing to complete the full exam process again and pay an exam rewrite fee. If you are unable to meet your exam deadlines please contact our Customer Relations Team immediately at info@canfitpro.com or 1-800-667-5622.

If you have more questions, you have several options:

Contact your local PRO TRAINER

Call the office at 1-800-667-5622.

Email info@canfitpro.com