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Our new member portal will be improved and easy-to-use, where canfitpro members can access, review and renew their membership, review their CEC status, check for online courses and other options for renewal and more. This new portal also comes along with a new workout builder tool, meal planning and exercise library – Trainer Plus!

Trainer Plus is a web and mobile app that creates new fitness content and support options for trainers and gyms.

  1. One side of the platform, Trainer+ tracks workouts and assessments with oversight from a personal trainer who will make ongoing changes to the program.
  2. The other side of the platform, Fitness+ is for individuals to discover exercise and workout content, where they can subscribe to Premium content and also request a program from a trainer. Together they facilitate more accessible, affordable and effective options to interact with a trainer for fitness programming and support, where our system manages the follow up and individuals moving between options.

The web portal is designed for trainers to build content and manage clients. It is where the features that are closest to the current Interactive platform exist to search through an exercise library and make workout and program templates. It also has an assessment builder, along with a whole other side for client management. The database contains over 1500 exercises with their corresponding media, but you can also create your own exercises as well. It also has a collection of existing shared workout, program and assessment templates.

Watch the video to see how Trainer+ and Fitness+ work together to give you a more powerful tool:

You can access this new online tool through the following link: Trainer Plus Workout Builder & Client Management. This link will remain live throughout the transition, and will be available to all active members of canfitpro in early 2020.

Please note that meal planning is NOT part of the app, as the focus is on fitness management, including workout building and tracking, assessments and client follow-up.

Watch the individual segments:

What is Trainer+ and What Does it Do?

How Does Trainer+ Work?

Trainer+ FAQ

Trainer Plus is FREE for you to use & create workout plans for up to 2 clients.

You also receive an exclusive 40% discount on Trainer Plus until January 31, 2020, should you wish to upgrade for more features and the ability to manage more clients.

For a full list of FAQs, please visit the Trainer+ website.