Meet our Members

Why did you choose canfitpro?

In 1999, I took a course at the YMCA for Individual Conditioning. The teacher recommended I look into becoming a canfitpro PTS. I took his advice, and the path was set. Here I am today, a canfitpro PRO TRAINER, operating my fitness business full time.

What is your “why”. Why have you chosen this profession?

I have overcome sexual, physical, emotional, and alcohol abuse. I used fitness as a “power tool” to help me conquer my demons and gain self-esteem, confidence, take charge of my health, and transformed my life in positive ways. It is through this journey that I learned a lot about myself – that I have a deep insight and understanding on how to tap into your mental power and make your dreams come true, regardless of your personal circumstances.

Because I have developed such a personal bond with fitness, and understand it’s full potential of how it can help you live the life you want to live, I wanted to share this knowledge with others. I truly am one of those people that entered the health and fitness industry NOT for the goal of making a ton of money, but with the goal of helping a ton of people.

What gets you excited to go to work each day?

Watching my clients gain self-esteem and confidence, push boundaries and overcome obstacles, and see their frown turn upside down as they progress. Knowing that I played a part in helping them make their goals become a reality pumps me up.

What do you enjoy the most about what you do?

Learning! Every day I make a point of researching a health or fitness topic to help me get a better understanding. There is so much to know. I am never bored!

Is there another part of your story that you would like to share?

I’ve been working in this industry since 2000, and over the years, I have learned all the tools I needed to run a fitness business. I do my own bookkeeping, website, marketing, videos, photography, etc. But I also create “me time” to do things such as riding my bikes, snowboarding, hiking, etc. I don’t consider myself busy – I consider myself living. I only wish I could clone myself to create a bigger team. That would be incredible!