Sporty young woman with dumbbells

Exercise during pregnancy is generally good for both the mother and baby. In this episode, Tracie Smith-Beyak discusses the specifics of strength training during pregnancy. This includes both risks and benefits associated with working out.

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1:30 – Is it safe to strength train using moderate to heavy loads during pregnancy? Especially if the client was lifting prior to getting pregnant?

3:00 – General load guidelines for strength training

4:00 – Risks associated with strength training during pregnancy

7:30 – Benefits associated with strength training during pregnancy

9:00 – Tips for prenatal athletic weight training

About The Author

Tracie Smith-Beyak is a master trainer, presenter, author, and a member of the canfitpro Fitness Advisory Panel. Specializing in prenatal fitness, biomechanics, rehab and athletics, she has made regular appearances in fitness, medical, and business industries for over 23 years. Tracie is a contributing author for canfitpro’s online education course, Understanding A Fit Pregnancy. Her awards include; The Women in Business Award 2015, The Readers Choice Personal Trainer Medal 2016, Entrepreneur of the Year 2008, and the Best of the Best in Personal Training 2015. Tracie has been in the fitness industry for over 35 years training, teaching, and certifying trainers and instructors worldwide.