man making bicycle crunch on exercise mat and flexing abs at home

The world has been turned upside down by the COVID-19 global pandemic and this includes your role as a fitness professional.  As you navigate your way through the ‘new normal’ you’re likely wondering: how do I transition my in-person services to an online offering, whether it be a short-term solution or a new career opportunity?   As fitness professionals, we rarely think about the need for liability insurance as we assume that we’ll be covered by our employer or that the possibility of anything happening is little to none, but now with the dramatic shift to offering fitness experiences and training online, it’s important that we are all informed of the risks.

There are tools and resources that can positively support you, through and beyond the COVID-19 pandemic, where we have been forced to change the way we work and deliver our classes and trainings. With today’s technology you can literally train clients and offer workouts, from anywhere, at anytime. This may be the first time you are working as an entrepreneur out of your own home, and even if you plan to return to your club or facility when it re-opens; it is important to protect yourself and your business.

At canfitpro, we are here to support you through this challenging time by continuing to provide education and training that will help you grow and expand your skills and expertise as a certified fitness professional.

Tips to protect yourself and your Business/brand: 

  1. Ensure that you are certified and that your certification is up to date. Go to your canfitpro Member Portalto make sure your certification is up to date.
  2. Invest in your own liability insurance.
  3. Be sure to you promote your training services and workouts online with the following:
    • Include the appropriate disclaimers and reminders to participants to work at their own level and ability
    • Update your waivers and assessments for virtual training
    • Offer a variety of intensity options and exercise progressions
    • Educate and demonstrate safe and effective progressions and encourage feedback
    • Encourage your virtual clients to wear appropriate fitness clothing and shoes
    • Offer smart options for equipment use and spacing (area to workout)


To support the transition from live to online workouts and training sessions, canfitpro has partnered with Gallagher to offer affordable and comprehensive coverage to protect your professional practice.  As you deliver new online sessions and classes to support the fitness goals of your clients, don’t forget to protect your personal financial health with the right insurance program.

As our Insurance Broker of choice for fitness professionals and fitness facilities across the country, Gallagher understands the risks, exposures and needs of the Fitness Industry.  With Gallagher’s knowledge and experience in the industry, their team understands that the current situation facing the fitness industry has changed and your insurance needs will have changed as well.

To address the recent global changes, Gallagher is offering Online Training Insurance which is easily added to your existing Liability Plan.  Learn about the lowest rates that are being offered for both your standard Liability Insurance coverage and the Online Training Insurance add-on package. This insurance covers up to 100% of your revenue coming from online sources.


Whether you are training or teaching a class in-person or online, always screen clients and potential clients for health conditions.  You must always have an updated Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PARQ+) for all your clients on file.  The completed PARQ+ must be from within the last year or more recently if your clients’ health status has changed.  Clients and Participants can visit ePMARmed-X to complete the  PARQ+ questions online where they will receive a health screening, recommendations, and should then send you an e-copy of their results.  Health screening forms can be completed and sent by email, google docs, or another online format that you are using.


Be sure to update your waivers according to the terms and conditions of your virtual training and/or your virtual fitness classes. If you don’t have a waiver, it is crucial to adopt one for your business. Please seek guidance from a legal counsel / lawyer to develop one that’s right for you.


As a fitness professional you are bound by your Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics and moving online does not change what you have learned and/or can offer safely to your participants.  Standards of Practice for Personal Trainers and Fitness Instructors are essential to follow at all times as are the canfitpro Code of Ethics.  Following these will ensure that you are staying within what you are insured to do!


Keep in mind where and how you store your participant and client information is also important. As a consumer, you may be familiar with the Personal Information Privacy Act (PIPEDA) and/or the Consumer Anti-Spam Registration (CASL); however, it is essential that you keep these in line with government requirements related to privacy as a business.  In Canada the government websites provided above give guidance and samples for you to follow.