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Can you imagine a fitness class without music? Probably not, because music and exercise are a natural fit.

While it’s important that you put music to work in your classes and at your gym, it’s equally important to use music responsibly.

Entandem makes it simple.

As of July 2019, the hundreds of thousands of Canadian businesses that use recorded and/or live music to make their business better can complete their required RE:SOUND and SOCAN music licenses in one easy step, through Entandem.

Not only does music add great value in your fitness studio or gym, working with Entandem ensures music makers can keep on making great music.

Three reasons why being licensed to play music is good for your fitness business:

  1. Customers are loyal to businesses that act ethically.

Research shows that when customers believe a business is acting ethically and responsibly, their customers are more likely to trust the business and be loyal to it. Your music license(s) says you’re a responsible, ethical, and legal part of the music ecosystem.

  1. Music impacts the bottom line.

When music isn’t there, your customers notice. Studies1 repeatedly show that using music helps businesses reap rewards through higher traffic, greater customer satisfaction, and increased loyalty. In fact, more than half of Canadians who exercise believe having good music is as important as having comfortable shoes for working out.

  1. Music creators deserve to be compensated.

Music makes your programs and classes better. The money from your legally required music license supports the people who make the music. This is their work and they rely on royalties from licenses to make a living.

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