Movement and Performance Therapy With Mai-Linh Dovan

In this episode, Mai-Linh Dovan will discuss movement injury and prevention, as well as her Mobilization-Activation-Integration strategy that can help athletes and clients avoid injuries at the field or in the gym.

In This Episode

1:00 – How Mai-Linh began her journey with fitness rehabilitation

3:00 – Mai-Linh’s approach to rehabilitation

5:00 – Mai-Lin’s Mobilization-Activation-Integration strategy

7:00 – Most common injuries and how to prevent them

10:00 – How diet and lifestyle play a part in rehabilitation and injury recovery

12:00 – The best practices and approaches to injury prevention and what is often missing in warm-ups and cool-downs

15:00 – The trends Mai-Linh sees as being important for the future of personal training and fitness

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Mai-Linh Dovan has been involved in the strength and conditioning close to 20 years.  She holds a bachelor’s degree in Athletic Therapy and a master’s degree in Exercise Science from Concordia University, where she worked in collaboration with the Department of Psychology and the Centre for Research in Human Development.

With her experience in Athletic Therapy and Strength and Conditioning, she has developed an approach geared towards functional training with integrated rehabilitation. She has used this approach with many elite athletes, working on their (p)rehabilitation during the off-season. An entrepreneur and having taught at Concordia University, she values the sharing of knowledge, presenting at various conferences and workshops and offering continuing education courses and collaborating with world reknown strength coach Christian Thibaudeau and

She is the founder of Rehab-U | Movement and Performance Therapy, an online resource for innovative movement optimization and (p)rehabilitation tools and services for athletes and active individuals, as well as trainers and coaches looking to refine their practice.  Get yourself: Renewed. Robust. Resilient.