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Jennifer Bonnici Elias
Jennifer Bonnici Elias

I have always taken fitness classes, starting back in my 20’s, and I was always a person who needed a class to hold me accountable. I was not a gym person, so after I had my first daughter and I gained just over 50 lbs, I knew I had to get back into classes. I started at my local community center and I was on the journey to losing my baby weight and achieving overall healthier habits. I was pregnant fairly quickly again with baby #2 and again gained just over 50 lbs. As early as two to three months post-pregnancy, I was back taking classes. It was not until my youngest was about to start JK when I thought about what else I could do with my time alongside my part-time job, taking care of my two girls, and being a mom with a travelling husband. I struggled with putting me first and had to really think about it, and then it hit me to try to become FIS certified.  I am one to second guess myself and say it won’t happen, or I will fail, but I pushed myself and along with the encouragement from my husband, I took the leap to try something new.

I enrolled and attended the program and studied hard for the exam while the kids were at school. I could not believe how long it had been since I had been in a school type setting.  I studied hard and got the highest mark in my class – 94%! I passed the practical portion of the exam and now needed to apply my new-found skills.  I applied and was hired on with the City of Oshawa and City of Clarington. In January 2020, it will be two years since I started my journey as an FIS.

I now teach five classes a week ranging from cardio to abs to glutes, and two 50 and better classes. I could not be prouder of myself for putting me first. Often, as many moms do, I put others needs and wants first and mine last.  With my husband being away as little as two weeks a month, often three and even four weeks a month, it was tough.  I worked hard and through the support of my parents watching my children when I needed them, I am a very proud to be where I am today.

I lost my baby weight and I am in maintenance mode I would say. I love the energy I get from teaching and the impact I get to make on others. I truly enjoy teaching and am thankful for the ongoing support and community canfitpro offers.  I wanted to write this piece to inspire others and to share my story and journey with health.