Making Real Connections

The B2B landscape is supply chain driven, but often the term supply chain is identified simply as the movement of product or service to and from supplier to customer and not focused on the connections. At a very basic level supply chain is a system, a system designed to connect suppliers with customers and ultimately satisfy a demand.   Globally the fitness and health club industry have a huge demand and generates more than 80 billion (USD) in revenue per year, and within North America that amount is an estimated 30 billion (USD) . This is a result of the overall growth within the fitness industry, derived primarily from club memberships. While their remains industry leaders like GoodLife Fitness, Life Time Fitness, Anytime Fitness, and Planet Fitness, it is worth highlighting that the fitness boutiques and studios are flexing their muscles as well.   Keeping members engaged in a larger club relies a lot on the member experience with the staff and club amenities, including but not limited to equipment and programming. Our surveys have shown that traditional fitness is important but is somewhat taking a back seat to the community and tribal formats of exercising, including sports.   Both types of fitness and health clubs need to stay relevant, which makes industry events like canfitpro 2019 valuable. Our event helps to introduce new programming, product innovations, training techniques, and business leadership strategies to club owner-operators, facility managers, personal trainers, group instructors, and frontline staff to create new experiences for their members and gain industry knowledge on how to increase retention and attract new members.   As an organization, canfitpro is focused on making real connections between our Business Members with our Valued Vendors to help both the supplier and the customer achieve success.   B2B Fitness Newsletter is designed to be your source and connection to relevant updates, industry trends, breaking news, and highlights. Give us your feedback or help us profile your business today.