Group Exercise Classes

Need that extra push to join a group exercise class? Here are five reasons why you should start participating in action-packed classes filled with warm smiles, great tunes, and an inspirational instructor!

Strengthen your heart and lungs

Cardiovascular exercise delivers oxygen and nutrients to your tissues, helping the overall circulation of blood through your heart and blood vessels. When your heart and lungs are working better, you’ll find that you can approach your day with more energy and enthusiasm.

Get better sleep
We’ve all experienced that seemingly endless night trying to fall asleep. By amplifying your physical activity during the day, you’ll be able to fall asleep faster. Wake up refreshed and face the day with improved concentration and an enhanced mood.

Manage your weight
If you want to shed some extra pounds for the summer season, you have to get off that couch and move your body! By working out in a group environment with others who most likely share similar fitness goals, you’ll be more inclined to keep up with your regime, helping you accomplish your weight goals.

Improve your sex life
Regular exercise leaves you feeling and looking better, giving you more confidence. With better circulation, you can achieve more satisfying sex.

Make friends
The gym is a wonderful, social place buzzing with energetic people. By consistently heading to your group exercise classes, you’ll notice other regulars, start chatting before or after class, and foster good friendships. Make it a ritual to go out with a few people from your group exercise class every week or two! Keep each other motivated to reach your goals.

Watch your instructor for proper form, instead of others in the class who may be performing the exercises incorrectly.