Ramadan, Fasting and Workout Options

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Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. It’s a time of spiritual growth. What makes Ramadan unique is that participants must fast from sunrise to sunset for the month. The goal for this month is to develop consistency and maintenance. This means you are not trying to help the client lose any fat…

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Working and Training in Saudi Arabia During Ramadan

Working and Training in Saudi Arabia During Ramadan- Featured Photo

For the last 15 years, I have worked in the fitness industry in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Throughout the years, I have experienced Ramadan every year and it has always been a very special month for all of us. In Saudi Arabia, the work schedule completely changes in the fitness industry. The gyms are open from…

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Working out while fasting for Ramadan: Salwa Qadir

Working out while fasting for Ramadan Salwa Qadir - Featured Photo (1)

How did you get involved in the fitness/health & wellness sector and why? As a young girl growing up in Pakistan, I lived an extremely sedentary life. When I came to Canada and entered university, I had the opportunity to pursue activities I couldn’t as a child. I loved music and dance so I decided…

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Beat Gym Boredom 

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The journey of health and fitness isn’t a destination, it’s a lifestyle.   Having a routine, and even a program to follow, is a helpful way to stay consistent and on track with goals. But while consistency is essential for progress, the repetitiveness of the same routine and workouts can get a little mundane after a…

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5 Breathing Exercises for Your Daily Refresh 

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By Sophia Bennet You may not realize it, but you have round-the-clock access to the world’s most powerful anti-stress treatment: Breathing.   Countless studies have confirmed that breathing exercises help to calm anxiety and refresh your brain, so why not try it? We have put together a list of the most effective breathing techniques to keep…

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Your Clients Need You to be a Responsible Fit Pro with CPR  

Melissa Garcia Featured Photo

By Melissa Garcia Is CPR really that important? As a fit pro you’ve probably been asked for your current CPR a lot of times. But why? We all know that CPR saves lives, otherwise, why would we bother? But have you ever stopped to consider the true reasons annual CPR is so important?   If you…

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Why Do We Get Tired When Teaching Online vs In-Person?

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By Nathalie Plamondon-Thomas Zoom fatigue is a real thing. We tend to attribute the fact that we’re tired after a full day of seeing clients or teaching online to the fact that we were not used to doing this in the past, and that we have to get accustomed to doing it now. But the…

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Sweet Dreams: Sleep Hygiene Tips

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Sleep. It’s essential for the human body. While we sleep our bodies and minds recharge. Without it, our brains can’t function properly. But, what happens when you can’t get a good night’s sleep? Whether the problem is falling asleep, staying asleep, or not getting enough sleep, recurring sleep trouble can have negative long-term effects on…

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Body Image, Weight Stigma, and a more Neutral Approach to Fitness 

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by Beth Yarzab  You don’t need to fix your body, but it’s understandable if you think you do.   We are bombarded with messages that can trigger body dissatisfaction, every single day. It’s no surprise that you, or your clients, may be seeking ways to change your body shape. Many people are on a quest to…

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10 Nutrients That Support Immune Health

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By Carol Harrison, RD  Cold and flu season is here, and your clients may be looking to improve their immunity. Regular exercise supports optimal immune health, but your clients are likely also interested in how to ramp up their defenses with good nutrition.   Reality Check: Health Canada reports that nearly half (~46 per cent) of calories consumed by Canadians come from…

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