canfitpro Toronto Keynote Speakers 2019

We are excited to introduce our amazing keynote speakers for canfitpro Toronto on August 14-18, 2019! Registration will open late January 2019.

Opening Ceremonies:
Ashley Callingbull
Actor, Beauty Queen, First Nations Activist and Motivational Speaker

Ashley Callingbull
Ashley Callingbull

Ashley Callingbull is no textbook beauty queen. She is the first Canadian and the first indigenous woman to win the title of Mrs. Universe. As a survivor of childhood poverty and abuse, Ashley chose to reply on the power of her culture to follow the right path of life, and now it is her intention to use her success as a platform for change and inspiration. Ashley shares her passionate story of struggle to success to empower people to discover their own potential within and to chase their dreams.

Closing Ceremonies
Inspirational Speaker & Co Host of WE Day, Author and Humanitarian

Spencer West - Headshot
Spencer West – Headshot

With his trademark humor and humility, Spencer spins a spellbinding story of the challenges he faced after losing his legs from the pelvis down at the age of five, and the journey of self-discovery that ultimately enabled him to summit Mount Kilimanjaro using his hands and wheelchair. Spencer applies the insights learned from a lifetime of overcoming obstacles to help leaders identify their own roadblocks and push past them. His inspiring message and tangible life lessons motivate audiences to believe they can tackle any goal, whether personal or professional.