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  • Assata McKenzie (IG: @satalata_fitness & FB: Assata McKenzie)
  • Beth Oldfield (FB: Beth Oldfield – Fitness Protrainer & IG:  @betholdfield_protrainercanfit)
  • Dawna Mensah (IG:  @dawnamensah & FB: Dawna Mensah)
  • Sabrina Gabrielli (IG: @ kickstartsab)


  • Click here for Sharing Music on Zoom Instructions. Or, Click here to see a video tutorial on how to set up music on Zoom (around minute 3:00)
  • Ensure that Mirror My Video is set to “on” – usually default. That way when you mirror image teach (left lead) your participants will be on their right
  • You will notice lag/delay from the timing of your movements to when your participants are moving. Practice to get used to this delay so you’re not thrown off
  • Add class participants as contacts in Zoom so you can easily email directly from Zoom in case of tech issues (saves time and hassle)
  • You can record classes and share the replay video with participants to access in Zoom. You can even set an expiry date for the recording
  • Use the Waiting Room feature to help you keep your classes and participants secure. You can opt to have a password as well


  • Opportunities to be discovered by more people! Build a following of participants outside of your geographic area
  • Most people are already familiar with social media, making it easier to overcome potential tech barriers of learning a new platform



  • Connect laptop to large Smart TV with an HDMI cable or use a projector to expand Zoom Gallery View in order to see participants more clearly. If there are more than 25 participants, you’ll need to cycle between screen 1 and screen 2 to see them all
  • EpocCam HD Webcam App for better video quality




  • Ensure your insurance covers you for online classes/training. Gallagher is canfitpro’s preferred insurance provider
  • Blog: Shifting Your Services Online— How To Protect Your Business & Your Clients
  • PAR-Q+
  • All panelists take class registrations from participants contacting them directly via social media, text message, or email
  • Send a waiver and PAR-Q+ form. Review it once the participant completes/returns it. Knowing your participant health history allows you to provide custom modifications and better plan your workouts
  • Instruct participants to send an email money transfer for the cost of your classes. Most panelists offer monthly subscriptions ranging in price from $20-$50/month
  • You can also use PayPal direct payment links to accept payment
  • Zoom link is sent to registered participants the day of, or day before class


  • Most use Facebook and Instagram to advertise. Many new participants have come from word of mouth
  • Ask participants for testimonials, Facebook, and Google reviews
  • Be authentic in all your marketing and how you show up to teach your classes. Let your unique personality shine through


  • Build rapport with your participant by chatting on video before you begin the class
  • Consider a “coffee hour” or social time after class where the group can chat together
  • Private Facebook Group for your participants so you can engage outside of class and encourage participant friendships


  • Keep internet stable! Turn-off all other Wi-Fi devices, plug laptop into your ethernet cable, or use a Wi-Fi extender. Shut down app notifications
  • Tripod to hold mic and camera
  • Practice with friends and family – ensure your body is in the frame, you can be heard, your music is high quality