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It’s in your hands, it’s in your practices, and it’s on your plate…
You, yes you are the key component to feeling, looking, aging, and living better!
You can be your own hero, the one that saves the day.
Always remember this, you have the power!

While you may be sold on:
A pill for every ill.
A power potion for increased energy.
A procedure for a chronic condition.

There is a much more effective path to better health.

The hot topic for us all right now is the immune system. It’s our main defense against all diseases. Keeping your own internal, innate, superhero functioning at its peak simply requires a little investment from you.

Read on for the FABULOUS FIVE heroic practices you can implement today to fire up your immune system and keep disease risks down.

Bonus – links to fabulous resources to support your efforts to cultivate optimal health.

Best immune boosting practices:

  1. Keep stress in check! Chronic fear wreaks havoc on your immune system so take the time to:
  • Mind your mind with conscious awareness and reprogram your thinking with anything and everything that ignites faith and fortitude; not fear.
  • Stay stoked. Like you kindle a fire to keep the flames burning, you can charge up your immune system with healing thinking.
    For more information on how to do this check out the fabulous Bruce Lipton as well as Lewis Howes interviewing Dr. Joe Dispenza.
  1. Nourish your body. Now, more than ever, you need to pay attention to what you are eating. It’s time to heed the guidelines with the proven health promoting WFPB (whole food, plant based) dietary approach.
  2. Be sure to move every day! You know you need to, so get out there and just do it – daily.
  1. Stick to a set sleep schedule. Your body needs to recharge just like every other energy burning creation out there.
  • Ensure you get adequate rest, digest, and restore time.
  • Sleep experts all agree, sticking with a regular sleep and waking time is most beneficial.
  • Practice intermittent screen time #intermitantscreentime

(I suggest my clients detach from their screen at least 60 minutes before lights out and keep electronics out of the bedroom. There are better practices you can engage in, in the bedroom, that are far more beneficial. Of course, I mean meditation!)

  1. Added ways to augment your immune system!
  • Cultivate a healthy gut microbiome (we are back to a healthy diet again).
  • Choose foods rich in immune boosting micro-nutrients.
  • Consult with a qualified health practitioner for recommendations on quality supplements and herbs for added immune boosting support.

The most supportive immune boosting vitamins and minerals according to this article from the Cleveland Clinic include:

Vitamin CFolate
Vitamin EIron
Vitamin ASelenium
Vitamin DZinc

So, there you have it, instigating information on what you can do to give your immune system a helping hand. Now, crucial to boosting your immune system is to take this information, choose at least one practice from this list, implement it today and stick with it. Once you ace it, add in another new practice with the same approach.

Making time for strategic and proactive steps to boost your immune system will provide you long term benefits in all areas of health promotion and disease prevention. It’s one of the best investments you can make given 80% of our top killer diseases are lifestyle related. The odds for success are in your favor when you make optimal health a priority.

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A professional speaker and practitioner in whole-self lifestyle wellness and natural nutrition with close to 40 years’ experience, Teri Gentes blends up-to-date research with passion and practical approaches that motivate and enable easy-to-implement life-enhancing habits. She has long walked her talk and has endless success stories of evidence-based results, both her own and with her clients around the globe.

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