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Magazine EDITORIAL & AD Deadlines 2021

Jan/Feb Re-invent/Body Positivity Sep. 28/20 Nov. 2/20 Jan. 4/21
Mar/Apr Women in Leadership/Nutrition Dec. 14/20 Jan. 18/21 Feb. 26/21
May/Jun Outdoor training/Business Success Jan. 25/21 Mar. 22/21 Apr. 26/21
Jul/Aug Group Fitness/Technology Mar. 29/21 May 24/21 Jun. 28/21
Sep/Oct Personal Training/Mental Health Jun. 1/21 Jul. 27/21 Sept. 6/21
Nov/Dec Indoor Training/Goal setting Aug. 2/21 Sept. 20/21 Oct. 25/21

*Sept/Oct issue: later due to virtual series content to be added to the issue


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Digital Magazine EDITORIAL & AD Deadlines 2021

Jan/Feb Re-invent/Body Positivity Dec. 18/20 Jan. 11/21
Mar/Apr Women in Leadership/Nutrition Feb. 19/21 Mar. 2/21
May/Jun Outdoor training/Business Success Apr. 23/21 May 5/21
Jul/Aug Group Fitness/Technology Jun. 24/21 Jul. 6/21
Sep/Oct Personal Training/Mental Health Aug. 24/21 Sept. 11/21
Nov/Dec Indoor Training/Goal setting Oct. 22/21 Nov. 3/21

*Sept/Oct issue: later due to virtual series content to be added to the issue

e-Newsletter Deadlines 2021

Jan Nov. 24/20 Dec. 22/20 Jan. 19/21
Feb Dec. 22/20 Jan. 19/21 Feb. 16/21
Mar Jan. 19/21 Feb. 16/21 Mar. 23/21
Apr Feb. 16/21 Mar. 23/21 Apr. 20/21
May Mar. 23/21 Apr. 20/21 May 18/21
Jun Apr. 20/21 May 18/21 Jun. 22/21
Jul May 18/21 Jun. 22/21 Jul. 20/21
Aug Jun. 22/21 Jul. 20/21 Aug. 24/21
Sep Jul. 20/21 Aug. 24/21 Sep. 21/21
Oct Aug. 24/21 Sep. 21/21 Oct. 19/21
Nov Sep. 21/21 Oct. 19/21 Nov. 23/21
Dec Oct. 19/21 Nov. 23/21 Dec. 15/21


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