By Coach Kennedy

2020 has absolutely proven to be extremely challenging for our industry, no doubt, but that said have WE been resilient through-out the entire ordeal!

Like our previous edition of the Movement of the Month, this month I also wanted to provide you with a combination of movements to help address one of the most problematic areas of the human system, the hips – more specifically the gluteal muscles.

When we consider the enormous amounts of sitting, driving, and standing it’s no wonder we haven’t had more issues. COVID only added to the issue of being static and with the holidays around the corner we’ll all be doing more sitting on our butts, no doubt.

Let me begin by first clarifying the functions of the gluteus maximus and gluteus medius muscles. Glute max extends and externally rotates the hip, while the Glute med extends, flexes, internally and externally rotates the hip. You heard correct; it has fibers that allow it to do this. As you can see, if these muscles aren’t operating correctly, they will have a HUGE impact on the hips. They affect your gait, how we absorb and transfer forces, movement, and posture to name a few.

Prior to movement we begin with tissue work (foam rolling) in order to prep tissue and muscles for movement. When performed correctly, this process allows fluid to run between the tissues and fibers allowing for more efficient sliding. Sticky tissue creates heat, hence adhesions, leading to impaired movement and possible injury. But that’s not the only reason to apply tissue work! All this work leads to better performance, creates more awareness within the body, increases blood flow through the area, in turn helping it heal and recover faster, pre and post workout. Get rolling!

Lastly, activation. This is performed in order to bring those muscles back “online” for them to fire at the appropriate times. Sequential Muscle Firing is the term we use to describe this. Remember; What Fires Together/ Wires Together. If muscles are not firing sequentially, then this is an indication that the workload is being off loaded to other muscles…as in being over worked. This means decreased performance and increased chance of injury.

Exercise Execution:

Watch the videos provided. As a note, please remember that intention does change the outcome. Like all movement and exercise we should ALWAYS be in the moment, in the NOW. for best results.

Exercise Protocol:

3-way Glute Activation: Hold each movement for 10 seconds, repeat twice.

Glute tissue work: Perform any “rolling” technique for approximately 30 to 60 seconds per side.

Perform any cross-friction four to five times per side.

Perform any rotations two to three times in each direction.

Perform hip and knee flexions two to three times per side. Details also provided in the video.

ALWAYS regress and progress as required. Not sure how? Connect with me at:

About Coach Kennedy Lodato

Coach Kennedy Lodato is a 29-year advocate of health and a 14-year veteran of the fitness industry with a thirst for knowledge and a passion for teaching and running coaching programs, consulting, live education, workshops and lectures. Coach Kennedy is also an educator for canfitpro.

Coach Kennedy has occupied the positions of personal trainer, sport conditioning coach, and personal training manager.  Kennedy is a three-time recipient of the canfitpro PRO TRAINER of the year, and the recipient of the canfitpro Canadian Delegates’ Choice Presenter of the Year 2019.

Coach Kennedy is also the founder of Quantumhealthcoachkennedy, co-founder of QHI-Quantum Health Institute & Quantum Training Systems (more to come on that) and is currently doing his BHS- Bachelors in Holistic Sciences to become a board-certified Holistic Health Practitioner as well as currently practicing Bioenergetic medicine. Next steps: complete his Masters and PHD at Quantum University in Natural Medicine.