What type of business are you in?

We are a health and wellness company, that specializes in weighted wearables. Unlike many other fitness equipment companies, we are not in the business of introducing a new exercise or changing people’s lifestyles. We believe in the democratization of fitness. Our weighted wearables simply and effectively amplify the benefit of existing training and exercise routines for everyone from professional athletes to weekend warriors to those simply trying to lose a little weight.

Tell us about your business?

We sell products that increase the intensity of your workout. There are two ways to do this. You can either add time or weight. All of us are time pressed. Adding a weighted vest, shorts, wrist or ankle weights allows you to effectively and easily increase your burn.
We’ve heard our vests are so comfortable that it is easy to forget that you are wearing them. They fit like a second skin. Interestingly, we’ve had a great response to our products from the osteoporosis and autism communities as a result! And we are thrilled about it!

How long have you been in the industry?

We’ve been in business since 2019.

What attracted you to the fitness industry?

I am a certified Pilates Instructor. I live a very active lifestyle from travelling around the world scuba diving to stand-up paddle boarding. Through my own fitness endeavors, I thought there was a hole in the market for a comfortable, breathable, made to last weighted vest designed for everyday people. So, we set about designing this line and sourcing other complementary items. I wear my weighted vest and wrist weights on the reformer, running and during rowing classes. Our products are highly relevant for virtually any kind of workout, from aquatic training to walking around the block!

What has been your greatest challenge as a business owner/operator and how did you overcome it?

Our great challenge so far has been dealing with the many complications from the COVID-19 pandemic, especially the supply chain. Our factories were shut down for several months and are still working at half capacity. Ocean shipping has slowed and air freight is now even more expensive. Steeply rising insurance premiums have significantly increased our operational costs. Sales have also been challenging as many retailers are over-inventoried as a result of their bricks and mortar locations being closed for some time so they are reluctant to take on new products.

Like other businesses, we’ve had to adjust to the new consumer environment. For example, given the weighted vest production delays, cautious consumer buying and closure of gyms/studios, we have introduced a new range of lower priced items that support getting more out of your at-home workout. This has always been part of our business model but the timeline has been greatly accelerated.

What do you hope your buyers achieve within your product/service?

I hope our weighted wearables become a part of daily life for our customers. That they see the benefit, and enjoy the thoughtful product design, details and lasting quality that help get the most out of their workout.

Tell us your greatest memory/highlight in your career?

One of my greatest memories was receiving a national leadership award for innovation when I was a Senior Vice President, General Manager at Rogers Communications.

How long have you attended canfitpro events?

This is our first year at a canfitpro event. canfitpro is a strong and supportive professional community; we’ve signed up for all the fall conferences.

What is the percentage of Canadian business you currently have?

Our business is mostly Canadian at this point, but with our social media and influencer strategy we are picking up more business in the U.S.

How do you plan to grow your Canadian business in the next 12-24 months?

They say it takes a village to raise a child and I say it takes a community to successfully launch a brand. I am beyond appreciative to our team from around the world including Canada, the U.S., Mexico and the U.K. who are sharing their expertise.

We expect to launch with a major national sporting goods retailer this fall. We also have an active affiliate sales program along with a digital and influencer strategy.

For more information and to view our products, visit our website.