By Daniel DeMoss

So You Wanna Be A Fitness Coach…

Great choice! But do you know what a fitness coach does and how it’s different from a personal trainer? If you answered no, it’s ok! Here are the basics. A personal trainer follows one client closely, throughout their entire workout session from warm-up to cool down. They tell you exactly what to do, every step of the way. A fitness coach, on the other hand, is one who helps you achieve your overall fitness goals in your terms. They’ll suggest what to do and guide you thoroughly in what you need to do. A coach will be your mentor, not the person who bosses you around all the time.

5 Steps to Being an Effective Fitness Coach

Communication Is Key

Because you’ll be your clients’ guide, make sure you know what they want to achieve and how they hope to make it happen. Communicate openly to see what may be standing in their way and how you can help them overcome their obstacles.

Have Empathy and Compassion for Your Clients

One of the most important traits of a fitness coach is empathy. Make them feel like you know how it feels to be in their shoes. We’ve all faced fitness struggles at one point or another. It’s important that your clients feel comfortable around you. Be compassionate and understanding of their situation and the needs that come with it.

Be Patient

Let’s be real: there’ll be times when it’ll feel like your client’s journey is not advancing as it should. While it’s ok to guide them and help them get back on track and move faster, be mindful to not overdo it. Sometimes the best thing you can do for someone is to be patient and allow them to progress in their rhythm.

Practice What You Preach

If you want your clients to live a healthy lifestyle and stick to their schedule, be sure to do the same. In short, practice what you preach. Not only will you set a good example, but you’ll have an easier time convincing your clients to live a certain lifestyle if it’s the same lifestyle you’re living in.

Never Stop Learning

Finally, never allow your mind to think you know everything. There’s always something new to learn. Whether it is from other classes or your clients, don’t stop learning. Your clients can also teach you a lot of things, without even knowing, about yourself, your methods, what works and what doesn’t. Always be open-minded and willing to learn new things.

The Bottom Line…

To be a great fitness coach you need to do more than just give your clients a set of exercises to perform. You need to help them through their entire fitness journey, not just through their workouts. Communicate, be empathetic, and stay patient. Live the lifestyle you advise and always be willing to learn and adapt.



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